Vision & Mission

Hukum Singh Bora Government Post Graduate College
Someshwar, Almora


Hukum Singh Bora Government Post Graduate College Someshwar is driven to provide affordable quality education, encourage multidisciplinary learning, while equipping students with knowledge and skills in their chosen stream, inculcate values, train them to be efficient, empathetic and socially responsible individuals, focus on holistic development and promotion of lifelong learning, provide opportunities for students to realize their full potential and thus empower them to meet and exceed challenges as active participants in shaping the future of our world and above all shape them into good human beings.


  • To be a student centric institute imbibing experimental, innovative and lifelong learning skills.
  • To create a democratic academic atmosphere.
  • To offer courses to the students for enhancing professionalism, humanism and social responsibility through quality education.
  • To inculcate values of discipline, hard-work, team-spirit, scientific tempers and to develop critical thinkers.
  • Endeavor to stretch the intellectual and creative capacity of the young and energetic minds.
  • To provide life skills for a successful career, home and society.


  • Trust in Divinity
  • Forster Integrity
  • Commitment and Accountability
  • Acquire competencies
  • Strive for Excellence
  • Serve the Society


  • To encourage multidisciplinary learning.
  • To provide access to education for empowering the unprivileged and socially disadvantaged sections.
  • Faculty improvement programs.
  • To impart quality education for resource development and nation building.
  • To make civic awareness among students for better leadership.
  • To focus on women empowerment by gender sensitization.
  • To develop sportsmanship qualities among students by arranging various sports events.
  • To make the students ethically sound by imparting value-based education.
  • To integrate ICT in the field of education by using teaching learning audio-visual aids.

Government Post Graduate College Someshwar, Almora, Uttarakhand

हुकुम सिंह बोरा राजकीय स्नातकोत्तर महाविद्यालय सोमेश्वर, अल्मोड़ा, उत्तराखंड