Dr. Kanchan Verma 

Department In-Charge 

About the Department: An intricate process of critical dialogue with historians and historical sources to understand the past. Belief in honoring the integrity of the historical record. Rigorous academic and research climate


The History Department intends to teach students about the past and its effects by introducing Indian

history from the perspective of world history. We believe that having a critical understanding of the past

is necessary for students to understand the present and look toward the future.


  • Develop critical thinking skills in the children by teaching them about the past and how it has impacted the present.
  • Encourage study of India history, society and culture as well as Uttarakhand.
  • Develop a lifelong love of history in your students so they can face the difficulties of globalization.
  • The students will be better prepared to meet problems with confidence if they are aware of the linkages between global, national, regional, and local history.
Department Teaching Faculties
Dr. Kanchan Verma
Dr. Mukesh Chandra
Dr. Anil Singh Bharara
Assistant ProfessorAssistant Professor
(Contractual 2014 Batch)
Assistant Professor
(Contractual 2017 Batch)
MA. Ph.D. (History)MA. Ph.D. (History)MA. Ph.D. (History)
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