Dr. Sunita Joshi

Department In-Charge

About the Department: Introduction of Education as an academic discipline in the formal education system of Higher Education is a novel concept. Out of about total 119 Government Degree Colleges in Uttarakhand, Education as a subject in Arts Faculty has been introduced hardly in around 40 Govt. Degree Colleges. Department of Education was established in Aug 2010 in Hukum Singh Bora Govt. P. G. College Someshwar, Almora. The Department is one of the various departments under Faculty of Arts of the college. About eighty-five students are enrolled in BA (Education) in different semesters.


The vision of Department of Education is to acquaint the learners with Philosophical, Psychological, Social, Cultural and Academic aspects of Education as a discipline. The major objective of Department of Education is inculcating and enriching moral and ethical values based on great thoughts and philosophies of renowned Indian Educationists like Raindranath Tagore, Swami Vivekanand, Mathma Gandhi and enabling students to develop their own philosophy based on educational thoughts of Indian and western Educationists. Thus, enabling the learners to comprehend the real and wider meaning of education and be benefitted by it in their personal life as well as the social sphere.

Other significant aspects of Education include Guidance and Counseling, History of Indian Education System, Apex bodies of Education at various levels of Education, Governmental Programs and Schemes related to Education and Comparative study of Education Systems in   various developed nations. This aims to enable the learners to develop an in-depth understanding of functioning of Education system at different levels and the importance of Education in the holistic development of an individual, society and the Nation as a whole.

To achieve the above-mentioned objectives, in the Department of Education all the curriculum is practiced by following an interactive and participative approach. Providing opportunities to students for self- expression and clearing of doubts and queries is a regular feature. To provide a firsthand experience of psychological concepts like intelligence, adjustment, attitude, aptitude practical’s have been introduced for the students of fourth and sixth semesters. The vision of Department of Education is to provide high standard quality education to students whereby the students could develop essential life skills and lifelong learning ability.   

Department Teaching Faculties
Dr. Sunita Joshi
Assistant Professor 
NET, Ph.D. (Education) 
Mail: joshisunita443@gmail.com 
Mobile: 9690670019 


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