About the Department: The Department of Mathematics was established in 2018. The Department is running undergraduate program (B. Sc). The department has well equipped computer laboratories for UG students. The department offers opportunities for the education and research in a wide spectrum of areas in Mathematics, such as Mathematical Modelling, Operation Research, Mathematical statistics, Mathematical Linguistics etc.

1. Imparting of quality of Mathematics education and inculcating education of the spirit of research through innovative teaching methodologies.

2. The centre stage Mathematical knowledge in the curriculum, install analytical and logical thinking among students and promote Mathematical reasoning as an important area of human thought.
3. To achieve high standards of excellence in generating and propagating knowledge in Mathematics.
4. Department is committed for providing an education that combines rigorous academics with joy of discovery.

5. To provide an environment where student can learn, become competent users of Mathematics and understand the use of Mathematics in other disciplines.

1. To nurture mathematically inclined students & provide them a supportive environment that fosters intellectual growth.
2. To create an environment that supports outstanding research. To pursue collaborate programmes with highly reputed national & international institute.
3. To prepare our undergraduate students to develop the attitude and ability to apply Mathematical methods and ideas in a wide variety of careers.
4. To produce post graduate students with strong foundation to join research or to serve industry.

5. To provide the best possible facilities for our students, particularly in the area of computer facilities, library facilities and administrative support.

Department Teaching Faculties
Dr. Rakesh Pandey 
Assistant Professor 

CSIR-NET (JRF), Ph.D. (Mathematics)

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e-mail: drrakeshpandey12@gmail.com

Mobile: 9456138619 
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